• A combination of two-row and Munich malts results in a full flavor beer with exceptional malt character.  Using American yeast and a generous portion of cascade hops designs a clean yet full body to this beer.
  • This IPA starts with a combination of two-row and caramel malts to create the malt flavor.  There are multiple hop additions during the brewing process followed with a dry hop session which designs a beer with a hop finish characteristic of this style.
  • Brewed with just the right balance of two-row and caramel malts, this pale ale is designed to start with a subtle malt flavor and finish with a clean flavor of hop.  Dry hopping creates a perfect balance to this beer.
  • A very smooth and drinkable beer, designed with just the right mix of barley and wheat malt that is certain to be a hit.  Not your typical wheat, this beer has a crisp clean taste that will leave you coming back for more.
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